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Why a career in fitness gives you more opportunities than most

Monday, 1 July 2019

In this day and age, health and fitness are front and centre in just about everything we read, watch and talk about with our peers. Gone are the days of reckless partying and wild abandon with zero guilt. We are members of a world full of knowledge and better understanding of how the toxicity of a bad lifestyle is detrimental our future.

This understanding is only going to get more and more in depth, and hopefully more citizens of the world will start to ditch the bad habits in favour of the good ones.

Considering a career in the industry is certainly not something to disregard. Jobs in the health and fitness industries have risen more than 60% in the last 5 years* and are only anticipated to continue growing.

Job opportunities in the fitness industry in particular can offer great job satisfaction.

  • You will learn about how to keep yourself healthy and fit
  • You will be able to embark on a purposeful career where you are helping others
  • You can use the fitness qualifications as a base to further study in many other areas of health

For the entrepreneurial at heart, studying a course in fitness is a perfect launch pad to being your own boss. Not only would you be your own boss, but you could choose your hours, your clientele and even your location.

The great outdoors can be your office! You could rent a space in a gym or other type of health club, or you could even work from home with your own home gym!

The hours would suit you and your lifestyle and you can choose specialities. Do you want to offer general personal training, or specialised training like body building and sculpting, or you could even offer group fitness classes.

What you choose to offer will help you decide what qualification to study. A certificate 3 in fitness will give you the qualifications required to become a fitness instructor or group instructor, move further into the certificate 4 and you are a recognised as a qualified personal trainer.

Better yet, choosing a career in fitness doesn’t set you back 3 or more years of study. For a Certificate 4 in Fitness at Wodonga TAFE you can start THIS JULY and be finished in 6 months to start your career or move on to further study.

Our fitness certificates are unique. You will be learning from industry professionals. These trainers are fully qualified with years of experience in the field and therefore you are gaining the most current industry standard skills available. You also won’t be stuck in a classroom the whole time, as a lot of your learning is completed in real gyms and outdoors.

If you would like more information on our Fitness courses, please contact us NOW!! Classes start back mid-July, so get in quick so you don’t miss out on your place.

Visit or call 1300 698 233 to have any questions you need answered or to enrol.



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