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Belonging Framework

Developing the Belonging Framework

The purpose of this framework is to embed the principles of equity, collaboration, respect, diversity, accountability into all aspects of Wodonga TAFE’s operations. The Belonging Framework is a significant step in identifying the principles and actions that align with our core values to provide a safe, diverse and inclusive environment for staff, students and the broader Wodonga TAFE community.

The Belonging Framework was developed in consultation with Wodonga TAFE staff and students. We recognise the importance of consultation, collaboration and codesign with those who this framework directly impacts while being guided by the wider evidence base in the field of diversity and inclusion.
Approximately 137 people contributed towards developing this framework, consisting of:

  •  121 survey responses from staff and students
  •  16 key staff members contributed to a focus group

Of those who provided demographic data, the following relationships were identified:

  •  Wodonga TAFE student – 38% of participants
  •  Wodonga TAFE staff member – 61% of participants
  •  Other – 1% of participants

The analysis of the participant demographic data illustrates strong diversity in participation, particularly regarding age and personal identities.

Guiding principles at our campuses

We are committed to providing a safe, welcoming and respectful environment for all. We value the diversity and uniqueness of the staff, student and broader community and are committed to working towards addressing barriers and systemic issues that some community members face. As an organisation, we contribute towards best practice in providing welcoming and inclusive environments for all students, staff, and the broader community



Providing opportunities for connection and collaboration for staff, students and the broader community, and celebrating diversity through events and awareness raising


Improving systems and structures through policy, updated procedures, and advocacy from broader systemic change


Focusing on students and their experiences at Wodonga TAFE, and staff and their continued development


Providing physical and online spaces at Wodonga TAFE that are safe and accessible environments for all, with a focus on priority groups

Priority groups



Wodonga TAFE is committed to working alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to ensure cultural safety and an inclusive respectful environment. We acknowledge the cultural heritage and local knowledge of the communities that we live and will continue to foster connections to community


Wodonga TAFE recognises and values the innate diversity of the multicultural communities in our local area. We aim to work alongside the communities to develop links that promote education and employment pathways while valuing the unique contribution cultural diversity brings to our TAFE


Wodonga TAFE is committed to ensuring fair and equitable access to educational and employment opportunities for people living with disabilities. Wodonga TAFE recognises individual needs and continues to raise awareness of the benefits of providing equal opportunities for all students and staff in our community.


Wodonga TAFE is committed to acknowledge the diversity of our local LGBTIQ+ community by seeking to create partnerships and collaboration. We acknowledge that we need to continue to create a safe community at TAFE that celebrates diversity by working towards inclusion.


Wodonga TAFE continues to raise awareness of the unique situations of many people in our communities. We are committed to providing fair and equitable access to education and employment opportunities that are open to all people regardless of their economic or educational status.


Wodonga TAFE is committed to ensuring that all staff and students are treated fairly with dignity and respect. We have established an equitable Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP), guided by the Gender and Equality ACT 2020, that ensures gender equality is considered in all aspects of our operations and delivery of services. Gender Equality delivers positive outcomes for students, teachers, and the broader TAFE community.

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