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Frequently Asked Questions about the CSPA assessment

Frequently Asked Questions about the Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA) Assessment for the Diploma of Nursing

*Note: The CSPA assessment is undertaken in a supervised testing environment. No third party or children are to be present during this unless Support Services at Wodonga TAFE has approved a support person. 

What is a CSPA?

  • The CSPA assessment works to gauge a candidate's current ability (Core Skill level) and provides the training department with information to assist their staff in supporting individuals through their desired course. At Wodonga TAFE the CSPA assessments for Literacy, Numeracy, and Writing are conducted for a number of courses prior to the course application progressing to the Pre Training Review for an interview.

How do I book a CSPA assessment?

  • Once you have applied for the Diploma of Nursing course, you will be sent an email from our Customer Experience team with a link to book into an available CSPA assessment date.

How do I cancel a CSPA assessment booking? 

  • As a course applicant you are able to cancel your CSPA assessment booking by calling or emailing the Customer Experience team. Alternatively, you can log into Eventbrite to cancel your CSPA assessment booking. Note: If you have booked into a CSPA assessment but fail to attend and do not advise our Customer Experience team of your non-attendance then your course application will be withdrawn.

Why is the sample testing form/called Initial Teacher Education testing (teaching degree test)?

  • This link is from the CSPA assessment website and all content and rights are that of the Australian Council for Education Research (CSPA).

What happens if I cannot make it in to Wodonga TAFE to complete the CSPA?

  • Please contact our friendly Customer Experience team as soon as possible and we can look into providing alternative options for you.

How will I know if my application has progressed after I have completed the CSPA?

  • Once you have completed your CSPA assessment, your CSPA results will be emailed to you within three (3) business days. The email will advise whether you have met the CSPA Exit Level required to progress your application.

What happens if I don’t meet the required CSPA Exit Level for the course I have applied for?

  • You will be sent an email to advise you can book in for a second attempt at completing your CSPA assessment to achieve the required Exit Level to progress your application to the training department. If you are unsuccessful in receiving the required Exit Level on your second attempt of the CSPA assessment, you will be sent an email offering you an appointment with our Skills and Jobs Centre to discuss potential pathways and other course options that might be better suited.

What if I have already taken the CSPA assessment? How long are my CSPA assessment results valid for?

  • Your CSPA assessment results are valid for two (2) years from the date of issue. You will only need to re-sit a CSPA assessment if you have not met the required CSPA Exit Level for Numeracy, Literacy, or Writing* of the particular course you have applied for.
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