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Wodonga TAFE Students Dive into Sustainability

Friday, 3 May 2024

Work Skills for Life students welcomed Wodonga TAFE’s Environmental Strategic Project Lead Emma O’ Donovan into their classroom today to hear more about the current projects that are being driven by the Our Future Footprint sustainability team.  Students received a special lesson in sustainability practices, aimed at fostering environmental consciousness and responsible waste management. The session provided a platform for students to share their existing knowledge while taking on new information into sustainable practices they can implement while on campus and at home too.

The highlight of the session was the hands-on experience of completing a bin audit. Under the guidance of Emma, the students participated in the assessment of randomly selected bins across the campus. By examining the contents of these bins, the students evaluated the effectiveness of waste segregation practices among staff and students.

The bin audit not only served as a practical application of sustainability principles but also offered valuable data to tailor education programs effectively. By identifying areas for improvement, such initiatives contribute to the ongoing commitment of Wodonga TAFE towards environmental stewardship and sustainability education.

To find out more about the Sustainable practices at Wodonga TAFE, see our Environmental Initiatives page. 


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